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New account for writing see Nervonna

I have decided to shift my writing to a new account. If you want to read my stuff and want to give me some prompts for new stories or drabbles feel free to do so. Or just come over and have a read. If you have the time feedback is also appreciated. I am trying to learn after all. ^^;

My new pen name is: nervonna
Would love to see you folks there!

Also: All the drabbles coming from the prompting post I just made the other day (my previous entry) will be posted at nervonna's lj as well. Will let people know when stuff is up there of course in case you miss this message.


And don't worry: I will keep this account for my life and what is going on otherwise, so feel free to watch both and reply to both. :)

All the best!


If time was a cocktail, what would be the ingredients? I don't mean just the simple molecules, but what else? What makes us the way we are? Clusters of particles in a whirlwind of time. Is that it or is there not a whole different world that comes with it? Is that purely due to the ingredients or due to the skill of some force that got it just right and therefore his own feelings went in as an extra? A...questions which a so useless to answer, but always worth a thought.

Can you tell I feel like having a drink? Anyone know a great cocktail bar in the area? Mhm...Pina Colada or a nice simple Tequila Sunrise. I want to try so many. What is a grasshopper like? Or a strawberry daiquiri? What is your favourite? I really want to know ^_^.

RECOMMENDATION: Today I want to recommend a rather special Anime. It is called "Bartender" and as can be expected focuses on the stories within a bar called Eden Hall. It tells the customers stories and the way they all come together in that one place strange and unrelated as they may seem at first. It is a rather calm Anime which includes infos about cocktails and in the ending always the making of a different cocktail. Even if you are not a fan of spirits, this anime has got this special flair which makes it enjoyable, relaxing and puts a smile on your face.
Do you know what Hemmingway's favourite cocktail was? Or what the Bloody Mary and Cesar have in common?

Give it a go if you have the chance, maybe you will join me for a drink sometime and we can watch it together.

Till next time! Tell me what you think.



As things are they usually weren't before or if they were maybe we never noticed them in the first place warranting us to say that they seem to have changed when they haven't in reality.
Life is a lot like that I think sometimes.

I came up with a lot of strange thoughts today and maybe sometime someday I can share a few. Right now I think that you my dear reader might get the wrong idea since I have no time to explore the little bits of thought any further. It is therefore more a sign of my laziness that I shall not jot them down rather than a sign of distrust in your abilities.

For a fact I can say I just cooked up the first batch of Rote Gruetze (don't know of an appropriate English name for this fruity pudding) which is traditionally associated with the North of Germany and while it is slowly cooling down in the kitchen I wonder if I did everything right and it will turn out to be tasty and firm up properly. I used cherries, strawberries, red currants and raspberries. My grandmother makes the best one in my opinion and one day I want to be as good as she is. I miss her a lot, but hopefully I can see her soon. ^_^

Ja ne

Good luck with the exams

Time to say it:

Sure, most of you have already had some like me, but I hope they went well and even better than you expected!

And for the ones to come: All the best of luck guys, I know you can do it!! ^_^
Take some time for yourself between studying and believe in what you know. I am sure you will be just fine.
And please get some sleep! Even I am doing that on a regular basis at the moment. ;)

Paralysed 1 - the flight begins

"She just went on riding. Her horse was sweating and on the brink of complete exhaustion, but she hurried it on. She was sick of it. Tired of everything that kept following her. That had chased her out of the city. Oh, she would take her revenge on him and it would be sweet on her tongue. For now, she ran. She rode with all the strength her horse possessed.
No idea how long, no idea how far. Any direction was fine as long as it led towards the plains.
Farther away from "home". She had always wondered what lay beyond those borders, now she was going to find out.
Her horse was slowing. She would have to stop. The moon was still high up in the sky. So big as if trying to either illuminate darkness or to swallow the world. Either was fine with her. It would not matter a single bit. She had lost it.
She stopped on a hill. It was of pale silver as the grass bathed in the moonlight. Her horse was grateful as she finally climbed of it gracefully. All her life she had wanted to become a rider in the king's service, now she was an outlaw instead, but at least now the world obeyed her orders, she decided.
She gave the horse some water and let it run free, sure of its return when she would need it.
It's name was something she had decided when she tamed him long ago on the farm of Loring. The farmer had let her pick a horse as he realized the seed of talent she possessed. He had always taken care of her when she was little. It seemed to her like an eternity and not like a few weeks ago. She sighed silently as the memory passed her by.
She had picked him out immediately. Spotted his night black fur with its blue gleam in the light. Had wanted it, but was warned to back off by the farmer. Loring did think that even for her such an outsider was too much too handle. She proved him wrong. One outsider found another...both with their own set of rules that worked perfectly alongside each other. He was all that she had taken from that place apart from a bottle of water. Nothing else. The saddlebags were empty.
Just two more things...her sword to protect herself and a bow to hunt. With her young age she saw herself as old enough for life.
She sat down on the damp grass. There would be fog rising in the morning, but for now, that was still a few hours away. The hill had a single tree on it. How fortunate. A place to lean onto for rest and a wide view to spot people from afar.
She would stay awake, she promised herself. Would not sleep till she told her body so, but as she sat there comfortably her mind wondered of and her body grew heavy on her. Life caught up with the girl, who had in her mind turned into a woman over night and life took her to sleep to rest her shattered soul and give her strength instead."

Why did she run? What is her name? Who is he that made her leave a life of safety and a brilliant future? Why revenge? How old is she? What will she dream? oh and all will be revealed in the next part. Want to read it? Feedback please.

Oh and also: This story is for pure fun and not based on my feelings for a change.
Hope you like it. ^_^


It is raining outside. The thunder is rolling and the green is intensified by a thousand times. I love the rain. I wanna go for a walk and enjoy its feeling on my skin, yet I am not allowed.
I went outside looking into the sky and enjoying the feeling on my hands and the droplets down my face. It feels mystic.

As you can now guess i arrived safely. A lot to say about the journey, but I have to say I will enjoy the rain some more first.

See you guys later. ^_^


"It is a bird sitting on a balcony. The balcony is made of marble and shines in warm pastel colours in the afternoon sun. It is a lovely bird. its feathers are the colour of the forest and its eyes are so black, they seem to mirror the world. Some feathers are blue and brown and they glisten in the sun like they were made of crystal. It perches on the balcony and waits. Patiently waits, till an invisible signal makes it fly.
And it spreads the wings, lets go, falls from the balcony into the breeze and up into the sunlight it travels. Ah, the eyes go blind as it soars into the sunlight. The sky is blue, but the orange promise of a beautiful sunset is already present. A light breeze makes it easy to relax and the bird enjoys the height, flying higher and higher, till the world becomes one great picture. It seems to search for something and than starts of into the west, towards the sun.
The moon has come up to greet her sister and holds a quiet conversation as the sun starts to glow lovingly back at her, giving all living things a warm and gentle evening.
The bird flies further, over a lake with an angler waiting patiently for his prey. Possibly asleep as his equipment has lost its tension and glides from his hand as a fish goes into the net. There, he jumps up surprised and pulls. What a fine fish it is. That will make a good dinner. Maybe roasted with herbs on a grill in this warm weather. in a garden lit by candles. His wife will be proud. The bird hears the thoughts, but does not halt.
The bird crosses a wood and listens to his companions sing and argue as they fight for their lovers and their territories. he smiles, knowing his girl is right at home. No need to lose his voice quarreling. His voice is for her only. The trees become rarer...and on he goes over the field. Deer has dared to graze now and the young ones play on the field. Further he goes as the sun sets. Faster, a little faster to be there in the perfect moment.
He reaches the cliff. A few trees line it and the ground is covered in flowers. The bees have gone to sleep and the flowers are about to close their blossoms for the day. not yet, they are still open. Beyond here there is only sea and the sun.
And there she is. In their home, waiting for him. Her pretty plumage the colour of the forest, her eyes of such a wonderful black no others could be that lovable. He goes down and greets her. And their beaks touch. Than he looks into the sunset. A last check. Perfect. He starts to sing and his voice calls forth rainbows, flowers and the sun. All for her. He does not need to argue with this voice, he can sing to her right here.
What they do not notice is a couple. Two humans. One male and one female are seated at the cliff. Their feet dangling over it. They are watching the sunset. Quietly. In awe. They enjoy the light, the flowers and the song of a rare bird they will never know the name of. She bends towards him and puts her head on his shoulder. He smiles and puts his arm around her, pulling her close. She smiles and she knows: One day, this dream will come true."

Leben und Leben lassen

"A smile. One single smile destroyed the world as if a thousand spears had torn it to pieces. There she hung nailed and bound to a cross, her arms and body torn from the metal strings covering her. The blood had coloured her dress in red. Forming blossoms which drained her life while they grew taller. No flower should be this cruel. No flower should bring beauty while giving out death. I tried to reach her, but the distance did not vanish. Her eyes , their crystal colour, her light and laughter I always cherished. It was gone. They started to go dull, no reflection brightening the blood smeared face of hers.
Just silent tears joining her and me in grief as I hopelessly broke down and screamed. Why her? Wasn't it me who was to choose and be sacrificed for this world? why her? My only friend and...my love.
Never admitted, I wanted to tell her. I wanted to hold her and make her laugh.
Now the metal strings carried her blood and let it built a pool of eternal sadness on the bottom of her prison.
I got up, stumbled, fell and got up again. I had to reach her. Not give up hope. Not let things end like this. It was not fair. Destiny was not fair! It could be changed. It had to be. Not her death. no, not hers. Gods, do not take this world from me. What matters apart from her? I took on my fate to see her smile and now? What did I bring her but death in pain. Distant laughter from the one who put her their. Blurring out as I watched her hair tainted by blood hang on her nearly lifeless shoulders. Still I could not get closer to her. A shadow emerged bubbling senseless words of darkness and pain, but I am only able to concentrate on her. On her eyes, that do not see me run.
All of a sudden her body moves its last shaking move. The agony is too much, as the shadow throws the sword into her body, giving her peace,but causing us both eternal pain. I am there, as the strings come lose, as she falls to the ground. I catch her. How, I do not know, as tears have long since blurred my vision. Is she dead? No, there is life, her eyes. She looks at me. The blood is everywhere, but in this moment, I believe I can safe her. She is alive and looks into my eyes. Her hand. shaky, but steady moves and smears blood onto my cheek as she strokes it. She smiles. A shadow of a smile, and yet, it is hers. "Destiny is not set in stone. Always remember, you can change your own fate" A voice so distant and hoarse, it can't be hers. I nearly miss it, but catch her breath as I move close.
she closes her eyes, still smiling a tear loosens itself and washes the blood of her cheek. Her hand...it glides back down to her body and she rests. She enters the eternal sleep, I can not wake her from. Glides from my grasp, though I hold her tight. Her smile pierces my world, and it shatters. The only thing I wanted to protect dead and gone. nothing left. How cruel...how cruel is the wheel of destiny. And as she sleeps I break down and scream, but even that...is unable to reach her."

-based on a scene from X by clamp, rest imagination

The choices we make in life. Cause pain, and sometimes it is a pain we are unable to bear. Just remember, it will always be our destiny of which we choose the path even in this moment of eternal pain. Never alone.

The fish and the angel

I felt like writing this. Might edit it at some point as this is the first version I just came up with. Please leave a comment if you read it.
Thank you
I know my mind is strange...^^°

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Happy Easter!!
I hope you are all enjoying the taste of chocolate eggs and that the eggs were not too hard to find. ;)
I'm sitting here wearing my apron (hope the word is correct) 'cause I finished of today's dessert.
We shall have white chocolate mousse. *ggg*
With cherry sauce.
Hehe and now I am listening to the radio which for once plays something fun. Ah, I love being able to hear the bass guitar during songs. It makes me feel just perfect...and his voice is great as well. *laugh* Never listened to more than two of Nickleback's songs, but I start liking them now.
I want to play bass. ^_^It goes through nerves and bones pulsating through the blood.
*sings along*
There we go. Short and completely heavenly:

Have a fantastic Easter!